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distances from the main points of interest

The following map represents the most important places in the vicinity of Lucca: Pisa and in particular its Duomo, Florence, with the magnificent Piazza del Duomo, dominated by the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Fiore (a visit is a must!), Then turn toward the sea of ​​Versilia or the mountain of Abetone. The map is also available at the following link All this places are really well linked with train or bus.
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Free Google map icon viacarrara16 Lucca
Free Google map iconRailway Station: metri 400
Free Google map icon Bus Station: metri 750
Free Google map iconPisa - Duomo di Pisa - Piazza del Battistero km. 20,5
Free Google map iconFirenze - Duomo di Firenze - La Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore km. 78.5
Free Google map iconAeroporto di Pisa Galileo Galilei km. 32.7
Free Google map iconSea - Viareggio km. 32.7
Free Google map iconMountain - Passo dell'Abetone km 68

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viacarrara16 lucca
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55100 Lucca, Toscana, Italia
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